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Free Egg Timer - Egg cracks and timer crows as alarm when your egg is ready to eat.
- BASIC MODE: Set your own egg boiling time.
- ADVANCED MODE: Let the Perfect Egg Timer calculate your egg boil time with our unique algorithm!
* NEW. Let us calculate your perfect egg time. Select link under GO! button.
* Quick and easy slider allows you to set your preferred egg timer cooking time.
* NEW: quick-set timers for a choice of 3 to 20 minute egg boil times.
* Set and never forget your default egg time for your egg (i.e. 4 mins or whatever suits).
* Fun egg shell cracked and chicken sound on ready (make sure your volume is on).
* Vibrates three times when egg is ready (helpful if you're volume isn't on).
* Time up notification means you'll never forget your egg is on the boil.
* Lovely egg picture to brighten up your day. This free egg timer is built with beautiful Material Design.
* Updated instructions on how to boil your perfect egg (see About button).
* And now you've made your perfect egg, we've added a fun pull down notification where you can take a snap and share your #PerfectEgg on social media :-) Well, you only live once!
This cracking egg timer app will have you cooking up the perfect egg every time. Cooking chicken eggs has never been so easy. You'll find your perfect hot water boil time whether you like eating hard or soft boiled eggs. This cooking egg timer is really fun, free and easy to use.
Translations now include:
* English
* French
* Spanish
* German
* Russian
If you're looking for a free egg timer to cook an egg with a perfect yoke, then this is it. Boil your egg until the yoke is soft and it's ready to dip into toasted soldiers. Alter the egg timer to cook your egg straight from the fridge. Or hard boil your egg for up to 10 minutes simply by moving the slider on this perfect free egg timer.
Ideal for amateur cooks or professional chefs. If your cooking eggs (or anything else that requires timing) then this must be on your menu.
We've added a unique feature that allows the Perfect Egg Timer to recommend how long you should boil your egg.
We ask you some simple questions about whether the egg has come straight out of the fridge or at room temperature, how large an egg you're boiling and how you'd like your egg. Then we factor in your altitude because an egg boil time varies by over a minute, depending on your location on the earth's surface. A little known fact! Give it a try.
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Version: 2.00.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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