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Free FFT HD is a completely free to use, audible frequency spectrum analyser application. it has an FFT window size of 2048 or 1024 samples for excellent frequency analysis precision. Unlike other Frequency spectrum analyzer apps, Free FFT boasts various distinguishable assets such as:
- 3 interchangeable window functions to reduce spectral leakage (Blackman-Harris (default) , Hanning or rectangular).
- Intelligent adaptive fft size allocation system
- Logarithmic scales (X and Y)
- The ability to create a second reference plot,
- Precise peak frequency value display in Hz
- A unique amplitude relative gradient colour scheme
Please rate Free FFT HD and leave feedback of any suggestions or compliments or email me in regard to any compatibility issues you experience to and i will try to resolve them as soon as i can. (this is my first attempt at creating an android application so apologies in advance if you experience any abnormal behaviour)
Free FFT HD has been tested on tablets and is optimised for the Nexus 7.



Version: 1.1.1

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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