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Floating smiley faces keep track of your power but when it gets low they get madFun Smiley faces help you keep track of your battery life just by looking at your screen. For every face on your screen, you have 1 of battery life left; if you have 50 robots, your battery is half full at 50. As the power goes down the faces go from Happy to Angry, changing color along the way.The playful faces float around with gravity as you rotate your device. Tapping on a face will make it jump up and run into other faces around it.Change the colors for four battery levels and the background to any color you want. You can also set the battery level at which you want the faces to change from happy to concerned to sad to mad in the pro version.Internet permission is only used for ads located on settings screen.



Version: 1

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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