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There are a lot of messengers in interenet but WhatsApp Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls has its uniqueness. WhatsApp app for android is popular and many functional. with the help of our app you will know about unique functions WhatsApp app. in our app there are lessons that will help u know what is WhatsApp secure chats,WhatsApp lite version,WhatsApp emojis ,WhatsApp recorder. u should know how to make WhatsApp install or WhatsApp update new version 2020 or how to install WhatsApp old version 2017. WhatsApp messenger free and a very popular app, and in many cases young users set up groups for their class, friends, sports teamthey should know about functions WhatsApp video call free messenger.
WhatsApp supports extensions for capabilities that allow users to do more without leaving chat windows. Extensions exist for finding restaurants, performing searches and sharing music and video.WhatsApp text and call or WhatsApp Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls is popular for users who want to hold public and private conversations, as well as play WhatsApp games with other users and access the service via desktop WhatsApp phone call. WhatsApp new version 2020 update is compatible with voice assistants such as well as the contacts list in a user’s phone. WhatsApp’s instant messaging includes features like the capacity to share photos, GIFs, stickers, videos and emoticons,WhatsApp keyboard.
WhatsApp free call and message can be downloaded directly to your phone or computer and used WhatsApp messenger text and calls,WhatsApp group chat. Users simply need to enter their phone number to get started WhatsApp app for android phone. WhatsApp Messenger uses your mobile phone as your identity.WhatsApp download or WhatsApp latest version 2020 update free and u should know WhatsApp backup and restore.WhatsApp messages are not automatically saved, that's why you need WhatsApp backup and restore. Beside of choosing your WhatsApp keyboard you can choose your WhatsApp background too.
This app isn't connected with official WhatsApp calling app, this is informational app for both beginner and regular users of WhatsApp app for android mobile. our goal is to improve the knowledge of our favorite WhatsApp messenger users.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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