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270 revision notes and 2700 questions with solutions and explanations on Number, Algebra, Stats, Geometry.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Full version has 2700 questions across 270 subtopics.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Features include: ★ HIGHEST QUALITY and QUANTITY Over 2700 questions in all. high quality content written by experienced GCSE tutors. ★ MOCK TEST Mixed questions from all topics. ★ REVIEW WITH EXPLANATION Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question. ★ PROGRESS METER With our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%. ★ REVISE BY SUBJECT Statistics: 1. data collection 2. Data Presentation 3. Data Processing 4. Probability Geometry: 1. Shapes – 2D and 3D: 2. Angles 3. Trigonometry 4. Measurements and scaling 5. Transformational Geometry and Vectors 6. Constructions and Loci 7. Circle Theorems Number: 1. Number Basics: 2. Factors, multiplication and division: 3. Fraction, decimals and percentages: 4. Powers, roots and surds: 5. Ratio, speed, proportion and variation: 6. Approximation and rounding: Algebra: 1.Expressions, equations etc: 2. Inequalities (F & H) 3. Patterns and sequences (F) 4. Advanced expressions equations (H) 5. Graphs (F) 6. Graphs (H)keywords :- AQA, Edexcel, GCSE, OCR, WJEC, algebra, arithmetic, bitesize, board, college, exam, foundation, geometry, graphs, higher, learn, mathematics, maths, notes, number, practice, prep, preparation, questions, review, revision, test, tutor



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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