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Take a breath and make your GCSE preparation a fun activity with our collection of GCSE apps. Here comes the most comprehensive Geometry app.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Full version has 830 questions across 83 subtopics.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~★ HIGHEST QUALITY and QUANTITY830 questions and 83 revision notes in all just for Geometry!. high quality content written by an experienced mathematician.★ REVISE BY TOPICShapes, angles, trigonometry, measurements and scaling, transformational geometry and vectors, constructions and loci, circle theorems.★ MOCK TESTMixed questions from all topics.★ REVIW with EXPLANATIONReview each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question.★ PROGRESS METERWith our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.More details on topics:1. Shapes - 2D and 3D:PerimeterIdentifying 2D shapesPolygonsSpecial quadrilateralsArea of a rectangleArea of a triangleArea of a parallelogramArea of a trapeziumArea of a compound shapeCuboidsPrismsPyramidsparts of a circleArea of a circleCircumference of a circleArea and sectorsCylindersConesSpheresCompound solids2. AnglesAngles basicsAngles in a triangleOpposite anglesAngles around a pointInterior anglesAlternate anglesCorresponding anglesAngles in a quadrilateralAngles and regular polygons3. TrigonometryPythagoras' theoremPythagoras' theorem in real lifePythagoras' theorem in 3DTrigonometry basicsSineCosineTangentSin, cos or tan?The sine ruleThe cosine ruleUsing sine to fine the area of a triangle2-D trigonometric problems3-D trigonometric problemsReal-life problems4. Measurements and scalingScalesMetric systemImperial systemConverting measurementsEstimating measurementsMeasuring timePlans and elevationsUnits of length, area and volumeBearingscompass readingmaps and scale drawingsNets5. Transformational Geometry and VectorsCongruent shapesLines of symmetrySimilarityRotational symmetry and tessellationsPlanes of symmetryTranslationsreflectionsRotationsEnlargementsEnlargements 2D and 3DMultiple transformationsSimilar triangle BasicsSimilar triangle AdvancedCongruent trianglesVectorsVector geometryReal life vector problems6. Constructions and LociConstructing trianglesConstructing angles and perpendicularsLociReal life problems7. Circle TheoremsAngle in a semi-circleAngle at centre is twice angle at circumferenceCyclic quadrilateralsAngles in same segment are equalTangents and chordsAlternate segment theoremCircle geometryKeywords :- AQA, Angle, CCEA, Circle.Trigonometry, Edexcel, GCSE, Geometry, Maths, OCR, Shapes, Vectors, WJEC, bitesize, collins foundation, higher, learn, notes, questions, revision, test, theorem, triangle



Version: 1.0

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