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Theme Blue Butterfly GO Locker ONLY WORKS with GO Locker application, if you don't have it, download from Google Play.
GO Locker Theme blue butterfly is sweet them designed specially style in the colors like blue, purple, and some of elements in green, aquamarine and yellow or violet color.
Do you like a FREE butterfly, wild animal print, zebra or other wonderful cute theme for your Go Locker or GO Launcher EX? You will love, from the heart this heaven celadon theme too!
This is a new cute skin for GO Locker Theme Blue Butterflys = flowers, sweet, and blue, they designed specially for girls style. If you like cats or dogs or other cute animals theme we hope that you will also love this blue style.
It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman..., just try this nice theme, download and colorize your own device with sweety teal butterflies images.
This application helps You customization and personalization your GOLocker with colorful and beautiful aqua wallpaper, fonts and icons, to see beautiful blue darling, pretty and lovely style!
We blend cyan main background, light white sky with transparent clouds blue white, hot green and bright purple in background and violet colors with highlight of white and gray to make beautiful designs for you.
1. Download and install for free, GOLocker and GO Launcher EX from Google Play
2. Download and install for free Theme Blue Butterfly
3. Go to MENU
4. Press - GO Locker
5. Press - Mine
6. Choose Your favorite unlock motive and personalize/customize your device
7. Press apply to set this theme GO Locker Theme Butterfly Blue
This is a custom lockscreen replacement app with a charging animated battery.
GO Locker, design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!
Try now beautiful, dear heavenly styled with tons of customization options.
Feel like you are now in heaven, be happy every time when you post an SMS message!
Sweet turquoise and caribbean blue of and azure color surely captivate you! It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman... just try this nice theme, download and colorize your device with sweety flowers and hearts.
*** Features of GO Locker :
1. Cool lockscreen pattern that makes your phone outstanding;
2. Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;
3. Easy screen locker to use;
4. Able to activate phone, SMS and Camera directly or you can change the slider shortcuts yourself;
6. Support customize screenlocker with great pattern wallpaper;
7. Security lock screen
8. Emergency unlock enabled;
Disclaimer: this application uses interstitial ads and banners.
Check other our GOLocker Themes, GOSMSPro Themes, and GO Launcher EX, free themes.
Themes are published all the time, so remember to check our developer account regularly.
The style was created by WorkshopTheme.



Version: 4.8

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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