GPS, Maps, Navigations & Directions

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GPS, Maps, Navigations & Directions
application provides you with the key features that is driving direction, planning routes and navigating has become so easy won’t find in all navigation apps. This Maps, GPS Navigation App provides you with earth map and preview driving direction before even starting traveling. On the move, this GPS navigation app gets you to your destination with ease. A GPS navigation and direction with Turn-by-turn voice guidance for drivers which helps you stay stress-free while driving the car.
Voice Navigation App
With voice navigation app feature, GPS, Maps, Navigations & Directions App is a very user friendly application and very easy and simple to use plus has an amazing Maps, GPS Navigation key features which makes it stand out. User must try downloading this latest GPS navigation application which offers different driving direction maps to a form a GPS mapping, unique in all navigation apps, drive safe and discover several sites and nearby places with drive navigator feature. In this voice navigation app you will find the shortest road distance and it will show you traffic that will come your way.
GPS Navigation and Direction
Utilize the main Maps, GPS Navigation feature of this application for auto voice GPS navigator, GPS navigation is never been this easier just send your voice commands with a press of a button while driving or in a parked mode and it will automatically set the route for that destination and also find the short distance towards that route which will make your ride easy and short and you will be able to reach your destination in no time. Like rest of navigation apps, this app is very easy to use as it as the simple interface that person of any age can use and will be able to have very good access to the application.
Latest GPS Navigation App
Designed to take the hassle out of your trip giving you all the important Maps, GPS Navigation with driving information and spoken turn-by-turn instructions in 8 different languages. As a nifty app packed with powerful, few-taps-away features unlike other navigation apps, this app integrates seamlessly with your android Phone.
GPS Speedometer & Drive Navigator
A GPS speedometer with drive navigator is added which shows the speed of the car with gps navigation and direction, as you drive around and then it also shows the a mode that is knowns as drive mode that gives you the luxury to calculating the speed as you drive around plus it calculates the distance you have covered and then lets you mark your favorite points so you can visit them again and at the end of the journey it will tell you the distance you have covered and the activity you have done.
Features of GPS, Maps, Navigations & Directions:
- Different modes for driving in this voice navigation app.
- With new GPS navigation and direction exclusive feature.
- Turn by turn guidance of route and making sure if you are on the wrong route it will make sure to redirect you to the short route and keep you on the right direction by guiding you by voice.
- The best and quickest navigation out there.
- The best car GPS with smooth and quick response.
GPS Driving Directions
Getting driving direction became easier with the help of this application. Use voice to find the direction. This way you don’t have to type a lot of content.
Travel Guide
The travel guide is and interesting feature which gives you nearby places you can use to make your ride comfortable place like store that provides you junk food or petrol station that is near you and also the short distance to make your travel comfortable and less time taking.
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This application has so many feature that you can use to make your life easy and it is very smooth to use and understand



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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