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GPS TRACK ONGps Track On is an application that uses location based services in android. It displays users location in real time. We have integrated google maps in our app to display current as well as user specified location on that map. Whenever a new location is received with the GPS sensor we will capture that location, move the map to this position and show our overlay.Features:Users current location It displays users location in real time.Specified LocationUser can also view the specified location on the map.My Tracks It allows user to record and share GPS tracks, including statistics. It can be used while we are doing any activity like travelling, this app will use the gps sensor in phone to record the path we took. With this feature, we can: 1.Track and record the path taken.2.Get the time, speed, distance and elevation and display it graphically.3.Mark relevant waypoints on map.4.Select the view of the overlay i.e. in terrain view and satellite view.5.Share the recorded track file via bluetooth and mail.6.List previous track information 7.Logging and Gps usage, dispay and sharing settings.Share your Tracks on facebook wall Through this feature; we can share our location information with our friends by posting our current GPS location on facebook wall.



Version: 1.1.3

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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