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GPS Test show real-time information about satellites in view of your device. You can check GPS reception in your area, update A GPS data for faster fix times all this and simple off road navigation as well. This app is also use as sat finder. Showing all the satellite available around your current location as well signal strength of all the satellites around you. Geo satellite finder is best feature of our app. Showing location of satellites in space as compared to your location , this location are show on a compass in different forms(live gps in a circle form, glonass of satellite in the form of a triangle and other forms for the other satellites). Gps status app showing coloured according to signal strength. You can display and also hide what you want. Our app calculates Qibla direction with highly accuracy by taking value of the magnetic north deviation from the geographical (real) north. Voice GPS Driving Directions, Gps voice Navigation, Maps helps to get directions using voice navigation and driving directions maps for traveling.
Our app
offers accurate voice gps location feature also
gps speedometer. Digital speedometer show the current speed of you car as well as you can use this as pedometer. If your device does support compass, you can find
qibla direction from the sun or moon position. Through the map thanks to the display of the Kaaba site and your site and link them with a line.
Land Area Calculator - Distance Calculator Map & Land Area Measurement is great Feature for measuring distance and area. Measure distance between two points any on map.Gps Area Calculator is useful to calculate GPS area or GPS distance with great accuracy.Calculate distances with this Geo area calculator is the best area calculator.
Features of GPS Status & Gps Test:
GPS signal (SNR) bar chart, showing signal strength of each satellite, also the accuracy and status of the GNSS network.
Satellite position in the sky (sky view), shown on a rotating compass.
Showing current time read from the GPS and the local time in your current time zone, as well as the sunrise and sunset times at your location.
Speedometer, Altimeter, pedometer and Compass dials.
Support GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites.
Compass Find where the north is if your device supports it.
Fully configurable dashboard view, shows current speed, heading, altitude and other fields as text or as dials.
Quick location fixes clear old GPS data to get a more precise location quickly.
Current location Information (Latitude, Longitude) about your current location
GPS Satellites Radar shows where your device is getting the location fix from.
Seven segment display font.
HUD display mode for windscreens.
Caculate perimeter, estimate perimeter
Caculate distance, estimate distance
Calculate area, measure field, measure areas on map
Fast area/distance Mapping.
Your current speed, heading and altitude shown as text.
Your location in the form of coordinates(Longitude, latitude and altitude).
Live Earth Map with multiple views.
AGPS service that Accelerates The process of GPS reform and detects location.
Show all the directions according to the true north which is calculated by the internet network or the GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM).
Calculate all the directions with the GPS compass via the GPS world localization system.
Show the power of the magnetic field to know if there are overlaps or not.

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Version: 1.0.5

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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