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GeekCalc is an advanced scientific calculator with plot functionality. It has a built in expression parser that allows to evaluate arbitrary well-formed mathematical expressions.
GeekCalc can plot multiple functions on the same graph and users can share plot graph as image or as CSV file.
GeekCalc has advanced history options that allows users to go back to specific calculation or to eliminate it.
GeekCalc is completely free. It is designed for students that want to share mathematical calculations and plots.
Feature list:
- Memory management
- RAD/DEG support
- Advanced history
- Supported mathematical functions: sin, asin, sinh, cos, acos, cosh, tan, atan, tanh, abs, exp, 1/x, n!, log, ln, ^, sqrt, and all combinations of these, with arbitrary number of parentheses.
- Graph with scroll and zoom functionalities
- Graph with multiple plots
- Graph image share
- Legends on plot can be enabled
- Graph image can be saved in image gallery
- The plot of the functions can be exported as CSV and saved on the external storage or shared with other applications
- Decimal separator is automatically selected according to device language
- Customized keyboards are provided for an easy and efficient input
- 16 digits precision
- GeekCalc is for math fans who just want advanced features



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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