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Gestify your phone! Start to control the most important phone features from today. Gestify allows you to change system settings, to quickly interact with a contact or to start any activity with a simple gesture. Gestures can be executed from a separate activity, the notification bar, the wallpaper or from your lock screen.
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*** Permissions ***
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To start a background service which if desired replaces your lock screen.
BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: Gestures can be used to control your Bluetooth settings.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE and CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: Gestures can be used to control your Wi-Fi settings.
INTERNET: Anonymous usage statistics will be send to our server. Trust us, we don't send any personal information!

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What's New Gestify Gesture Control

Version 1.1:
* Gesture detection engine improved
* Gestures can now be reviewed after they were trained
* Gestures can now be recognized through a live wallpaper
* Lock screen replacement and status bar quick access are now default on (can be disabled in settings)
* Some UI glitches removed
* Various bugfixes and usability improvements



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android 3.0 or later


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