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Body Shape Editor will turn your body shape perfect curves. photo correction service which helps you to get a perfect body curves & body processing without any photo editing skills.
touch the Position you want to resize. Edit the radius or scale value to get the perfect shape. Save your edited Pictures to your Gallery or just share them with your friends! Body Shaping photo editor edit body shape and enlarge body parts.
Body Shaping Photo Editor which can enlarge body curves, make bigger Eyes or round your Butt and other Body Parts like a Cosmetic Surgery to make you beautiful. It can help you reshape body curves to get slim body tall and decent look like a celebrity.
Increase height with Height Correction photo editor. Slim body with Slim Down photo editor, slim and skinny. Reshape body with breast enlargement, hip enhancement, face reduction & waist slimming. Retouch body & face Editor for Beautiful curves effect.
Reshape body with face reduction & waist slimming. Slim body with Slim Down tools. Body Shape Editor will help remove belly fat remove acne, pimple and wrinkles.
Edit body with six pack abs, muscles and chest enlargement. See how you would look after cosmetic operation and increase your Beauty to get the perfect body Shape curves. Girl Body Shape Editor increase lips size, reduce nose, whiten teeth, make face thinner, nose shape changer.
Get an Idea how you look like after a Body Shape curves editor or just enlarge other Body Parts and get perfect curves to get a model like look.



Version: 1.04

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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