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Put some lavish glitter upon your locked screen, get sensational Glitter Zipper Lock Screen app, a great screen locker for your cute girly phone or tablet! Glitter has always been used as a decoration for everything stylish girls should have and now with our cute screen locker your favorite mobile device can be the most shiny thing you own. Many small flashes of brilliant light will overflow the cute wallpaper with a zipper and your locked screen will come to life every time you touch it! Feel attractive and spectacular every day and have a glamorous smartphone with you wherever you go! Download Glitter Zipper Lock Screen free of charge and twinkle like a star!
∵∻∴∻ How to set your new zipper lock screen: ∵∻∴∻
∻ Open the app;
∻ Check the 'enable lock screen' box;
∻ Check the 'enable pin lock' box and set your password for extra security;
∻ Enjoy!
∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵ Features: ∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵
∻ A set of amazing glitter wallpapers for locked screen!
∻ Enable the “zipper screen lock” as soon as you enter this smartphone app!
∻ Lots of “sparkly lock screen” backgrounds with a zipper for you!
∻ Choose the cutest sparkling background for your locked phone!
∻ Set your favorite pendant type to add more personality to your beautiful background changer!
∻ Set the zip screen locker vertically or horizontally!
∻ Want to make sure you'll like your settings? Check the preview!
∻ It is not a prank!
∻ Easy to use personalization app free of charge!
The free screen locker is made for girls, ladies and women who are into fashion and love to look glamorous every day. If you love glitter shine and glossy stuff then you surely want to decorate your phone or tablet with the cutest “lock screen zipper wallpaper” on the market and sprinkle it with some sparkly dust. This is a real zipper on your “glitter lock screen” background, just slide with your finger and the zipper will unzip and reveal the contents of your device. Young girls and true ladies of fashion will really appreciate our app for girls. This is a sparkly and free zipper lock app for your mobile device that will make you a real fashion star among your friends. Download “Glitter Zipper Lock Screen” and find the cutest sparkly backgrounds for free!
Lock your phone or tablet with style, get the best lock screens! The main purpose of this girly “zipper lock screen” is to make your screen look beautiful and attractive. Beautiful glitter wallpapers will make you say wow every time you take out your gadget to unlock it and all of your friends will be jealous of your new and “stylish lock screen”. This is a collection of zip screen lockers with the most beautiful backgrounds in many gentle colors that will glow in the dark like real glitter. Cover your screen with sparkles and gloss, let your device shine with the most beautiful glow, download this “zip lock screen for girls” and be the first among your friends to have Glitter Zipper Lock Screen free of charge now!
Prepare yourself for the most popular “glitter zip lock screen” on the market! We've collected the best wallpapers for girls, sprinkled them with some glitter and got an amazing bunch of colorful lock screen backgrounds with a zipper for every girly smartphone or tablet in the world. Pull the zipper to the end of your screen to unlock the phone decorated with a colorful glitter background and begin your magical journey. This unique “cute zipper lock screen” is just waiting for the right girl to decorate her locked screen! Just press the install button and this zipper lock screen with a lot of themes will be yours! Hurry and download Glitter Zipper Lock Screen free of charge today!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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