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GnB students of English words. Voca Race want one done!
GnB Institute introduces students to be responsible for the English words Voca Race.
GnB Online Program as well as the PC to your smartphone anywhere, anytime, you can easily proceed to word learning.
After learning the words in each chapter with the slide to achieve the objectives of the day after the test word of three steps.
In each test step the wrong word "Redo my Oops!" Through a re-test with a word you do not know the process to help ensure that none remain.
One wrong word can be learned separately on the slide incorrect notes.
* Children of the English worried enough!
- Get more than 1000 of the National Institute of GnB counseling and admission to the nearby school. Consultation is free, but it is when you get information gapjil.
- Contact Phone: 02-567-0582
* Smart App jiaenbi English Service
Word learning Voca Race
Speaking learning GnB English App
Medium, high school students Radix English



Version: 2.1.1

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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