Gold & Metal Detector HD

4.9 (14)

Tools | 2.1MB


Now find any metal including Gold & silver(Ring, Bangles) with your mobile phone
Interesting..... finding lost Gold rings,Bangles was a concept only through mobile phones, now women can use this brand new Gold & metal detector tool to find out their precious gold and jeweleries.
process of gold metal detecting will be start by pressing the find button inside the app. and your device beep loudly after it detects any metal base item like gold jewelery.
Do you know your mobile phone has a built in magnetic sensor to measure the magnetic field values.Use your mobile phone for finding gold like gold miners. Almost every metal detector app uses your devices magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field values and turns any Android into a real metal detector to find gold around you.
1. Detects how much value of metal(Iron,Gold,Silver) a person has.
2 just like an original metal detector to detect and sense the metals around you.
3 Metal detector measurement are displayed in digital format
4 Move your mobile around the Gold based products to find amount of gold in it.
5 Value below or equal 0 means metal does not exist
6 Best Metal Detector and indicator.
7 Works also through walls! Detect hidden electrical wires and metals.
8 Make cool graphical charts of magnetic field intensity.
9 Compass-like arrow to point out the direction of the source of the magnetic field
10 Vibration alarm for indication of metals



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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