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It needs courage to wear Golden or Silver Sarees, Ghagra Cholis and Lehengas Use our APP to try how you will look in such a bold and beautiful colored clothing.
Every woman or a girl dreams of wearing Golden or a Silver Sarees, Ghagra Cholis and Lehengas for festivals & celebrations.
This APP has plenty of Golden & Silver Sarees, Ghagra Cholis, Lehengas suitable for every occasion, try each and every clothing from our APP and decide what to wear in forthcoming festivals and well as weddings.
Wearing Gold ornaments was always considered to be auspicious in the Indian culture. ... Draping a golden saree gives the illusion of wrapping your body in a golden foil
It is believed that Golden Sarees signifies the radiant sun which represents the eyes of Lord Vishnu and the gold Sarees are symbols of financial prosperity, traditional and divine wealth. When it comes to weddings, Golden sarees with intricate golden embroideries is a well-known bridal attire.
This App has large collection of Golden Sarees, Ghagra Cholis and Lehengas
Select a Saree, select your photo from gallery, adjust your face and save. Done!
This app received immense response from all the Cross Sections of Community.
This app also doubles up as face changer, face swap, dress up app keep updating for more Sarees and fun!

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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