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Golf Stats Coach identifies the areas in your golf game you need to work on to play your best golf. We email your Golf Coach each time you enter a round in the Golf Stats Coach app.
Through Strokes Gained Stats Golf Stats we are able to give you insights, not just golf stats.
Multiple benchmarks (Tour, 0, 5, 10 and 15 hdcp.) to calculate Strokes Gained Golf Stats against.
Super fast and logical process to enter a round of golf into the app.
1. How to use benchmarks to improve your golf game
2. How Golf Stats Coach can help you build your confidence
3. The value of your Best and Worst shots as ranked via Strokes Gained Golf Stats
4. What to work on to improve your golf game
5. What if you didn't make those silly mistakes during your round of golf?
6. Understand your potential as a golfer
7. Your skills from different distances on the golf course
8. Your skill with different clubs while playing golf
9. Your strike location on the club face and how it helps and hurts your golf game
10. Your skill with different shape of shots while playing on the golf course
11. Your skill with different wind conditions while playing golf
....and much more.
Golf Stats Coach uses strokes gained golf stats to help you identify which areas in your golf game you need to work on, to play your best golf.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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