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This is FREE version of the most comprehensive English Grammar study material in the form of multiple choice questions. Original app covers more than 700 questions covering below topics:
- Alphabets
- Type of sentences
- Articles
- Subject
- Verb
- Object
- Tenses
- Helping verbs
- Pronouns
- Kinds of noun
- Punctuation
- Adjective
- Adverb
- Prepositions
- Confusing Words
- Time prepositions
- Modal verbs
- Conjunctions
- Interjection
- Gerund & Participle
- Gender
- Noun - Number
- Proverbs
- Give one word
- Animal sounds
- Order sentences in correct sequence
- Correct ending for sentences
- Word that fits best
* Scores: percentage marks scored for each topic
* Marks given if & only if question is correctly answered in the first attempt
* Full focus on study - no distracting animations
* Minimum taps: auto move to next question by default for correct attempt
* Multiple choice questions in the form text and pictures
** If you would like to cover any additional topics, please send an email to
with your feedback. We will try our best to cover that topic in the next upgrade. ***



Version: 3.8

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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