Grand Palais, Paris

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Welcome to the Grand Palais with the official Grand Palais App!
Have a look at all the exhibitions and all the events.
Buy your Rmn-Grand Palais exhibition tickets and import them into the Grand Palais App.
You'll be notified about exhibitions organised by the Rmn-Grand Palais directly in the application, as well as fairs and events organised by our partners.
Content allows you to enhance your exhibition visits.
How does it work? What are its features?
"I'm not at the Grand Palais" or "I'm at the Grand Palais": event display differs depending whether you are at the Grand Palais or not.
-A diary lets you know about all current and upcoming events.
-Enjoy direct access to the Grand Palais ticket office and import your visit tickets.
-The application also features listings for the cultural programme in the auditorium (conferences, concerts, films, etc) and the different spaces of the Grand Palais, around the exhibitions (live performances, events, etc)..
-Notifications (when enabled) tell you about important information and highlights so you can prepare your visit in comfort.
Get the most from your visit by choosing one of the proposed ways to go around the exhibitions, either free or for a fee.
There are various ways around the exhibitions for different uses and different audiences, thus diversifying the experience:
Freeways around designed according to the themes of the exhibitions:
-the "Exhibition" ways around explain and illustrate the different themes of the exhibition;
-discovery ways around pick up on a theme of the exhibition and develop it;
-innovative ways around: these focus on a more advanced functionality: image recognition, for example.
-fun ways around: these vary according to the themes of the exhibitions.
Audioguided tour for each exhibition is available for a fee, which has commentary on reproductions of the works with text and locations on the exhibition map, for adults. It can be downloaded, as in-app purchase, before, during, and after the visit.
Accessibility for the greatest number:
The application interface is designed for better readability of texts.
Free audio description tours are available to the visually impaired.
Artworks you have seen can be favourited, and your notes be linked to your own photographs without leaving the application, then shared by email or via your social networks.



Version: 3.1.0

Requires: Android4.3 or later


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