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The first version of the App includes six borders at the North-West of Russia (Russian-Finnish, Russian-Estonian, Russian-Latvian, Russian-Lithuanian, Russian-Polish, Russian-Norwegian) and one at the south of Russia (Russian-Georgian). The Russian-Finnish border is the basic core of the Application. The basic information from this border is exported to the Application from the website.
Please note that the launch version is only available for mobile phones! We did not make a special version for the tablets at the start. Therefore, the launch version f tor the Mobile Phone application installed on the tablets may not work correctly for them. We plan to make the version for tablets in the summer. See updates.
In this app you will find:
- the actual information about the traffic on the border: available web-cameras, statistics and data from the tourists, standing in the queues. The main information about the queues on all borders is formed by the users of the application. If you are crossing the border by car or you have just crossed it, you can share the information about the queues with the other users of this application. They will help you next time!
- the regular information about three main passes of Russian-Finnish border: Torfyanovka – Vaalimaa, Brusnichnoe – Nuijamaa and Svetogorsk – Imatra. The data about the transport situation on these three passes is available for users 24 hours. The information about these passes is imported in the non-stop mode from the site
- chat rooms: are available for every pass and in both direction. In chats, you can share the information about the length of the queue, give the additional descriptions and publish the photos of the traffic situation.
- notifications: automatically notify the user about the traffic situation on the pass/direction he is interested in.
- traffic saving mode: downloading of “heavy” pictures and minor data will be switched off in roaming. You will be aware of the traffic situation on the border even in a foreign mobile network significantly saving money on the traffic.
All the main features of the application are available to users without registration.
Registered users have the following benefits:
- The ability to add frequently crossing borders to “Selected”
- The ability to sign up for automatic notification about the pass/direction they are interested in
- The ability to publish photo and send private messages to other users in a chat room.
- The ability to get some bonuses for active informing about traffic congestion at the borders.



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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