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Grid Data Manager is a mobile data management engine that puts you in control of the applications that access your mobile data by letting you determine what app should consume your mobile data, preventing unwanted background processes and ultimately helping you save money. With Grid Data Manager, you can do more with your mobile data as it allows you do app-by-app data assignment. You have control over all your applications independently(both system and installed application).
* App-by-App data assignment: You should no longer be a victim of the unforeseen overnight upgrades and updates of some certain apps as Grid Data Manager allows you to independently set limit for every application you give access to your mobile data.
* Determine what consumes your Mobile data: You should not allow any app access your mobile data without permission. Grid Data Manager saves you mobile data by giving you absolute control over all applications(installed/system) in accessing your mobile data. Only the needed apps will be allowed to access your mobile data.
* Cut-out unwanted background processes: Grid Data Manager certainly saves you more MB as it automatically cuts out background processes making sure you don’t use more than you have planned.
* Download Monitoring system: You know the size of the download, why don't you allow Grid monitor it? Grid Data Manager allows you to set limit for every download and when download is complete, Grid blocks every other sneaky unauthorized downloads from accessing your mobile data.
*Data Statistics: You deserve to know how your mobile data is used as Grid constantly gives you a report of the amount of data consumed by every app allowed to access your mobile data. It also shows you the app that consume your data the most.
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Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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