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Going green doesn't always mean eating greens. You can go green by reducing your food waste and avoid double spending. Top App Groceree is the 21st century solution to your pantry management and shopping list system.
Buy all you need | Save money | Reduce food waste | Help the environment
✔ Never forget what to buy
✔ Automatically generate your personalised grocery shopping list
✔ No need to manually go through your pantry
✔ Helps you save food waste before it expires
✔ Save money, avoid double spending and unnecessary trips to shop
Save grocery items to your inventory. View grocery items in your pantry and see when they are expiring. Automatically generate your personalised grocery shopping list and never forget what to buy. Scan items or select from your saved list to add to inventory or remove from inventory. Save food waste because you will know when something is expiring and how close it is before leaving that pungent smell in your fridge.
Features offered:
★ Scanning barcode and save items
★ Set expiration dates to add to your inventory
★ View food in inventory and know when it expires using Inventory option from main menu
★ Press and holding on pantry item name in inventory to mark running low
★ Remove items from inventory using Remove option from main menu
★ Generate your pantry shopping list to buy with a click of a button
★ Add items straight from your shopping list to your inventory
★ Share your generated shopping list
★ Create and import backups
★ Add Security to your inventory by turning on pin protection in settings
Groceree privacy policy:
We do not share your your data with anyone.
Groceree uses following permissions:
+ Camera access to scan barcode of items you scan
+ Storage access to create and import backups



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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