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HNS FB is a Digital Platform between Collaboration for College to Student.
The Program is designed to insure proper balance between College to Students as well designed to help all students develop their educational, social, emotional, career, and personal strengths.
The HNS FB is an integral part of the school's total educational & Curricular program that assist students in an effective progression.
Wall Posting: The students Being Provided Academic Information, Curricular Information, Various Study Related Documentation like PPT, Doc. File, Images/Videos, PDFs etc., Exam Details, General Result by School/College Authority.
StudyTube Master: StudyTube is an educational platform developing customized educational content to fit the needs of individual students. StudyTube is on a mission to bring personalized learning to Students where every student gets education by their semester and categorized Subjects.
Your Tube Master: YourTube allows School/College Authority to upload Categorized Videos which assist student to improve themselves
Result Master: Every Students being Provided Individual result by their Enrollnment Number.
Event Manager: Event Manager Updates Every student about Events will be organized in college campus. And students can register themselves if they want to participate. By Student Registration, College authority can know actual strength of students who wants to attend events.
Talk: There is a hassal free Feedback System where student personally can give feedback to college authority regarding College or education system.



Version: 1.84

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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