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Habari is a virtual kingdom made up of communities created by people of similar interests where every activity earns users rewards they can redeem in the real world. The core functionalities of Habari include; socializing, trading and sharing information.
With the Habari app you can; SAY IT (A user can chat and post in different groups, express yourself with cool stickers and share photos), SEE IT (A user can view images, news feeds etc.) and BUY IT* (A user can purchase discounted items on Habari).
Why you should become a Habari Citizen:
Send text messages and express yourself with cool stickers
Get rewarded with Habari Gold Coins for every activity on Habari like chatting, joining groups, funding wallet, inviting friends etc.
Find your tribe: It’s easy to find and follow people and groups of interest on Habari
Influence: Rise in hierarchy in the kingdom with benefits. The higher your level, the better the deals you are exposed to.
Send invitations to friends to join groups, it’s easy to create and join groups in Habari.
Transactions on Habari are absolutely free, you even get rewarded for doing transaction on Habari
Achieve your group financial goal by crowd funding in Habari groups
Fund your Habari wallet to make transfers to friends, family and business partners
Discount on all merchant deals*
Pay at merchant locations with your Habari QR code*
Cash out from your wallet at any moment*
*Coming Soon



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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