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Healthy food is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to maintain our body healthy with essential nutrients, vitamins and calories for fitness and well being. Cook and eat healthy recipes is too important. And fit berry provides you a collection of tried and tested healthy recipes which keep your body healthy and fit and makes your spirits high. Search through the best collection of healthy recipes for all your dietary needs for FREE.
Dietary conditions and food preferences varies with people even among the family members. Cooking tasty and healthy recipes on a daily basis , considering each of their taste and preference is often a challenge. In a single family we may find a son who follows high protein recipes for body building and a daughter who try to cook low calorie diet recipes for weight-loss and trimming.
We can find a person who follow vegetarian or vegan diet for weight loss while the other member of the same family following meat based diet for weight-gain. How to meet these dietary needs? To eat healthy we prefer homely food than restaurant food.
Healthy recipes in Fit berry helps you to find exciting food based on each of your taste and fitness plan. Recipe collection of this healthy recipe app is curated in such a way that almost all food allergic conditions , dietary requirements and common health conditions are taken care. Gluten free recipes, egg-less food, nut free recipes, dairy free food collection is made to take care of food allergies. When it comes to dietary conditions the recipe needs are even broad. We should be able to serve healthy recipes for paleo diet, high protein food for muscle building, and diet recipes to lose weight fast. People who undergoes a detox diet prefer to have healthy drinks and healthy salads.
The most important part is to serve healthy food for kids and babies. Nutrition and food for kids is too vital and fit berry healthy recipes keeps a collection of food for their balanced growth. Nutrition and food during pregnancy ,healthy recipes for diabetic patients, recipes that are healthy for heart and recipes which has to be part of our daily food habit to prevent diseases like cancer , kidney malfunction , liver problems are made available in this app.
Workouts and exercises work better with associated workout diets. High protein food for dinner and healthy drinks for breakfast, fiber rich food for lunch has to be part of daily workout diet . Low calorie and low carb food diet including healthy soups and salads are essential to reduce weight and to maintain health and glow . Curated healthy recipe packs of fit berry meets all such workout diet needs. App also brings vegan diet that contains more alkaline food which is preferred for clear skin and for better digestion .
Healthy eating is something that we have to follow and it has to be a habit. In our busy routine maintain a healthy food habit is not easy. Taking this into consideration we have quick and easy healthy recipes that you can cook so easy with minimal cooking time and less ingredients. So cook healthy breakfast within minutes , add ingredients to your shopping list for next day’s breakfast, on your way back from office purchase grocery using the shopping list, cook and eat a healthy dinner.
Sounds cool.
Healthy diet is essential for a healthy living.
So stay fit , stay happy with fit berry .



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