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Do you have a mobile subscription of Proximus or a prepaid card Pay&Go ? Relegate unpleasant bill surprises to the past: with the MyProximus application you keep your mobile usage under control.
MyProximus! enables you to check your mobile usage and view other useful information:
• My usage:
If you have a mobile suscripton of Proximus ""My usage"" will allow you to check your volume of calls, the number of SMSes/MMSes sent and the number of MB used;
If you have a prepaid card Pay&Go ""My usage"" will allow you to check your remaining credit. If you have purchased a bundle you will also be able to view its status.
The following features are available to all mobile subscriptions of Proximus:
• My Products: allows you to check your rate plan and the options activated on your line
• Reload:
If you are a Pay&Go, Pay&Surf or a Autoreload customer, “Reload” allows you to reload your own or somebody else’s card, directly from your smartphone or tablet! You will be able to purchase call credit, messaging packs and data bundles.
If you are a mobile subscriptions of Proximus, “Reload” allows you to reload somebody else’s card, in exactly the same way.
• Abroad: see the rates and options abroad.
• My Premium club : Manage your Premium Club points.
• Support & Contact: all the tools for your Proximus products at home and on the road and enables you to contact Proximus in an easy way.
You can download the MyProximus app free of charge, but each time you use it you connect to the Internet and that results in a limited amount of data traffic usage. The cost of surfing via your mobile phone depends on your rate plan (you can also surf via the Wi-Fi network).
NB: you must connect to a mobile network (national or roaming) at least once a month to allow the application to identify you and send your information.



Version: 3.0.5

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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