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 The application includes drawings of henna, which have become extremely popular in recent times. The tradition of covering his body with the help of patterns of henna was known in ancient Egypt, and India, and in many Arab and eastern countries. Initially ornaments worn on the body of a ritual nature, they are often regarded as amulets. Mendy, so called body painting with henna (mehendi other names, mehandi, Mandy), is considered a symbol of good luck for married women in Indian culture. Women in India are deeply believe that mehndi body will bring them love and care from her husband. Nowadays henna is applied to the body more than aesthetic reasons. After all, these patterns - a great alternative to a tattoo if you do not mind to decorate your body pattern, but not ready for a tattoo, Henna (mehendi) will be a great solution because they are held up to three weeks, gradually efflorescence Islam strictly forbids tattoos, but this! the ban does not apply to designs printed on the body with henna.
 Download our app with henna patterns gallery and decorate his body, awake to surprise others. Pictures from the application, you can share via social networks and do not forget to evaluate the application.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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