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Hijab Abaya Beauty is the camera photo editor and photo montage with beautiful abaya frame. Wearing Hijab Abaya combined with accessories and matching color will make you look more beautiful and perfect. Today, many Muslim women dress which follows the progress of the latest fashion, making it look fashionable and modern.
You can try to wear hijab abaya in this application with a very easy and fun. You can download this application, then place your face into a costume that has been provided. Many collections that you can try. Determine the right costume for you today. Discover the latest fashion hijab and Muslim women dress in this application with the latest collection of clothes and also the trend in this year. There were very sweet dresses and also interesting for you to use. Applications hijab photo montage that makes you feel you're wearing Muslim women dress cool and fashionable.
Features and how to use:
1. Open the application and press the start button to select the frame,
2. Select a frame that you feel is good to use,
3. Press the select photo button to take photos on your android gallery,
4. Crop your photos right on your face that will be placed on the frame you choose,
5. Place the photo of your face in the hole in the costumes,
6. Use two fingers to zoom in and out the size of the photo you want to edit,
7. The Background is transparent, making it easier for you to edit photos in costume,
8. Press the save button to save your photo,
9. Press the set wallpaper button for immediate use as wallpaper on android,
10. Press the share button to share to your friends through social networks you have,
11. Press the frame button to choose hijab costumes as you want,
Select the photo that fit the shape of of your face in the frame or hijab costume you want to choose, so that the edited photo looks like real. You'll look like wearing hijab abaya is real and will look more beautiful, fashionable and stylish as well. Find feature in this app with the latest Muslim hijab dress and great for your use. Also share to your friends. Thanks.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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