History of Computer

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Discover the exciting history of computers with photos, timeline and videos.
The fascinating history of computers will come to life with this timelines from the early discoveries of computers and semiconductors to the latest computers technology.
Featuring videos of important moments in computer history with historical photos and pictures, key events in the computer science are explained and relived.
Interactive timelines that you control on your phone or tablet with allow you to scroll through the centuries make it easy to explore.
Important people and events you will discover include:
1) Quantum computing
2) Babbage invents 1st computer
3) Ada Lovelace - the 1st pioneer of computer programming
4) The first modern analog computer - a tide-predicting machine
5) Sir William Thomson invents 1st modern analog computer
6) Vacuum Tube Computers and the programmable digital computers
7) First large-scale general-purpose programmable electronic digital computer.
8) The invention of the first mobile and cell phones
9) First transistors
10) Turing test, developed by Alan Turing
11) FORTRAN programming language
12) Mainframe Computers
13) Jack Kilby
14) Integrated circuits
15) COBOL computer programming language
16) BASIC Computer Language
17) Minicomputer
18) Supercomputers
19) Moore's law
20) Invention of the Computer mouse
21) Relational database
22) Random-access memory (RAM)
23) C Programming Language
24) Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
25) The first personal computers
26) How did Ethernet get started
27) Linux Operating System
28) The 1st smartphones
29) Quantum Computing
30) Artificial Intelligence
31) Data Science
32) Neural Network Software
32) Machine Learning



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