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Our Quran app is one of the best apps you'll find in the app store to listen and read the Holy Quran.
The Holy Quran it's a Quran app for Android and it's free application for all Android devices, and the easiest way ever for streaming (HQ) High-Quality Quran MP3 files for a lot of reciters, and you can also download the files and have it always with you on your phone, so you can listen to the Holy Quran any time anywhere.
-Elegant interface
-Listen to Quran mp3 files Online (HQ)
-Listen to Quran mp3 files Offline ( you need to download the files)
-Download any Suraa you like at any time with 120 reciters from the best reciters in the world
-High-Quality Quran mp3 files online and offline
-Repeat and random buttons are available in our Quran app so you can listen to any surah all the time you want, or simply listen to the Holy Quran in a random way
-Listen to Quran Android in the background and keep using your phone and apps like always
-Touch only to play or open next surah/surah list
-Read the Quran in our special Quran reader which allows you
*Increase Font
*Decrease font
*Change the font from 20 from the best fonts
*3 modern themes (modern dark, classic dark, light)
Other features you will find in our Quran App:
-Hisn el-Muslim
Available reciters are over 100, most famous are:
Mohammed Al-Minshawi - Mujawwad
Ahmad Saud
AbdAlrahman alousay
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani
Muhammad Salah Nafea
Ahmad Al-Shalabi
Majed Al-Zamil
Abdul-Aziz Alqaraani
Nemat Al-Hassan
Ayman Al-Deeb
Abdul-Mujeeb Benkeran
Abdul-Rahman Al-Awsi
Saleh Al-Taleb
Idrees Abkr
Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi
Abdulwali Al-Arkani
Fahad Al-Kandari
Khalid Al-Jileel
Ibrahim Al-Jebreen
Mahmoud Al-Bana - Mujawwad
Abu Baker Al-Shatri
Ahmad Al-hawashi
Ahmad Al Ajmy
Abd Al Rahman AlSodes
Maher Al Mo'ekle
Mohammad Hassan
Sa'd Al Ghamdi
Yaser Al Dosary
Mishary Al-Afasi
Fares Abbad
Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad
Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad - Mujawad
Saud Shuraim
Ahmad Al-Musbahi
Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi
Ahmad Saber
Ahmad Salamah
Ahmad No'ene'
Ahmad Muhammad Amer
Akram Al-Alakimi
Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
AlZain Mohammad Ahmad
Al-Dukali Muhammad
Al-Ashri Imran
Al Ouon Al-Kowshe
Elhan Tok
Yassin Reciter
Anas Al-Emadi
Basel Al-Rawi
Tawfeeq Al-Sayegh
Jamal Shaker Abdallah
Jaman Al-Osaimi
Hatem AlWaer
Khaled Abu-Shadi
Khaled Al-kahtani
Khaled Al-Mahna
Khaled Abd Al-Kafi
Khalifa Al-Toneje
Zaki Daghastani
Sahel Yassin
Sayed Ramadan
Shawqi Abd Al-Hameed
Sherzad Abd Al-Rahman
Saber Abd-Hakam
Salah Al-Budeir
Salah Al-Hashim
Salah Bu-Khatir
Adel Al-Kalbani
Adel Rayan
Abd Al-bare' Al-Thobeiti
Abd Al-bare' Mohammad
Abd Al-Rasheed Saufi
Abd Al-Wadood Haneef
Abd Al-Aziz Al-Ahmad
Abd Al-Aziz Nada
Abdallah besaghar
Abdallah Khayat
Abdallah Al-Juhani
Abdallah Al-Matrood
Abdallah Kamel
Abdallah Taha Serbel
Abu Al-Hasan Al-Kurdi
Abd Al-Muhsen Al-Harthi
Abd Al-Mohsen Al-Obeikan
Abd Al-Qasem
Ali Al-Huthaifi
Ali bin Al-Huthaifi
Ali Jaber
Ali Hajjaj Al-Suwaisi
Emad Zuhair
Fuad Al-Khamri
Hani Al-Rufai
Hussein Al-Sheikh
Kamel Jaballah
Omar Al-kzabri
Maher Shakhashero
Mohammad Ayoub
Mohammad Al-Barrak
Mohammad Al-Tabalawi
Mohammad Al-Lohaidan
Mohammad Al-Muhaisni
Mohammad Jebril
Mohammad Saleh Al-Aalam
Mohammad Abd Al-Hakeem
Mohammad Abd Al-Kareem
Mahmoud Al-Rufa'i
Mahmoud Al-Shaimi
Mahmoud Khaleel Al-hasri
Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna
Mostafa Ismael
Mostafa Al-Lahuni
Mostafa Al-Azzawi
Muammar Za
Moftah Al-Saltani
Meqdam Hadary
Musa Bilal
Nabeel Al-Rufa'i
Naser Al-Katami
Hani Al-Rufa'i
Waleed Idris Al-Munisi
Waleed Al-Na'ehe
Yaser Al-Qurashi
Yaser Al-Mazroo'e
Yaser Salamah
Yahya Ahmad Al-Hulili
Yahya Hawa
Yousef Al-Showe'e
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God bless you all



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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