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For those who want a standard body in the shortest time. But to start the gym is certainly not surprised? How to do the right way and effective, how to do not take time but still have the standard body, stomach six sections. If you do not do the right thing, you will not only lose time, but you will also face undue risk. Meet that need we introduce you a great application to learn the gym properly and effectively. The exercises and lesson plans we offer are carefully selected and consulted by top experts in the field of fitness. Our exercises are tailored to suit everyone, from fat people to skinny people, from teenagers to adults. Home workout no equipment include over 100 exercise for workout at home
★ Workout easily with 30 day plan from beginner to hard:
+ 30 days fullbody workouts (beginner, medium, hard)
+ 30 days abs workouts (beginner, medium, hard)
+ 30 days arm workouts (beginner, medium, hard)
★ Daily Workout plan:
+ 7 minutes workouts
+ 6 pieces of Abs in 5 minutes
Our training program consists of four main areas:
★ Each exercise has instruction, guidline and graphic. eg:
+ Push up
+ Crunch
+ Wall sit
+ Jumping jack
+ Punch
+ Squat
+ Sit ups
+ Plank
Over 100 EXERCISES to improve 6 kinds of muscles
+ Abs workouts
+ Arms workouts
+ Butt workouts
+ Leg workouts
+ Body workouts
+ Chest workouts
Consult your doctor to let you know the best exercise for your physical condition.
Get hydrated before, during and after physical exercise.
warm up 15 minutes first to avoid muscle injuries.
Perform 10 minutes of stretching after finishing your workout.



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