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House Ideas For MCPE
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in this instructible I'm going to show you how to make a fully customisable modern house in Minecraft pocket edition!
Step 1: Find a Special Spot
Find a reasonably flat space to build your modern house.
Step 2: Build Basic Box
Build a stone box using half of your space.
Step 3: New Room
Make an extra room using quartz.
Step 4: Windows
Cut some slits on one of the quartz wall and put stone around it also put glass in flush with the quartz. On a corner dig a hole and place glass, be creative with designs.
Step 5: 2nd Floor
Again make a stone box but leave room for a balcony. Create a quartz barrier around the balcony.
Step 6: 2nd Floor Windows/decorations
Like the 1st floor start digging and placing windows. Make some patterns on a blank wall.
Step 7: Roof
Make a barrier going around the roof and fill with grass.
Step 8: All Done!
This tutorial isnt a strict how to, so thats why there is no measurements, feel free to experiment.
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Requires: Android2.3 or later


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