How To Become A Genius

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eBook To Become A Genius?
How To Be Intelligent?
Sharpen Your Mind eBook
How To Be Smart?
"How To Become A Genius" is a free eBook and audiobook which will help you to improve your intelligence, mind, brain power, perspicacity etc and make you a better human being.
some of the content of the eBook are as follows:-
I. Mental Efficiency 7
The Appeal 7
The Replies 13
The Cure 19
Mental Calisthenics 24
II. Expressing One's Individuality 32
III. Breaking with the Past 39
IV. Settling Down in Life 45
V. Marriage 53
The Duty of It 53
The Adventure of It 59
The Two Ways of It 65
VI. Books 72
The Physical Side 72
The Philosophy of Book Buying 78
VII. Success 84
Candid Remarks 84
The Successful and the Unsuccessful 91
The Inwardness of Success 97
VIII. The Petty Artificialities 104
IX. The Secret of Content 112
Some Of the Features of eBook and audio book template are as follows
1. Read at night or day with black and white background option
2. Chapter wise reading
3. Dictionary
4. Highlighters with different color option
6. Save your favorite chapters
7. Statement or definition in build system
8. Translation
9. Offline reading
10. Audio book at different speed
11. Audio book with female voice and expression (internet required )
12. Underline your content
13. Track time and pages left for every chapter
14. User friendly graphical user interface



Version: 5

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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