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Hyp for hypnotize!
A new relaxing app!
The dance of thousands of colorful particles will enchant you, and move you in a dreamy, harmonic world.
For the first time "particles" are treated not as only an effect, but as art.
"Hyp" is offered freely as a trial. You can upgrade to the full version, that additionally offers:
- Random variations of the visuals
- Speed control
- Complexity control
- Three more responsive soundtracks
::::: INSTRUCTIONS :::::
- Touch and 'Long-press' to interact
- 'Double-tap' for settings
- Press the 'randomize' button to change animation and music (available only in the full version)
::::: FEATURES :::::
- Soothing animation
- Dynamic interaction
- Responsive soundtracks
- Control speed and visual complexity (available only in the full version)
::::: NOTES :::::
- The performance of the app varies, depending on the device. Older devices have less impressive visuals.
- This app is meant to relax you. That is the reason why the hundreds of parameters behind these visual and musical results, are inaccessible.
- This is not a drawing app. You can interact, but you do not have 100% control of what is happening.
- You can interact only by touching. The app does not respond to the microphone, or the sound of other apps.



Version: 1.04

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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