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This futuristic app can induce lucid dreaming if you watch it before you go to sleep.
Enjoy a mystical mix of patterns like "Crystal from Atlantis", "Wormhole manipulator", "Lucid dream enhancer" and "Hardcore hypnosis". This has a mind elevating effect, which makes it very suitable for meditation, lucid dreaming training or just relaxing.
Light up your mobile with a stream of ever changing pulsating patterns in shining colors! The music in the app video is "Toth" by "Lone ranger".
***** Lucid dreaming *****
A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may control the dream characters, narrative, and environment.
This makes it possible to fly, climb across a wall or travel to other parts of the world. The experience is close to astral projection, so it is also possible to astral travel with lucid dreaming. This makes it possible to visit worlds outside of our usual material reality.
Some experienced lucid dreamers have learned to remember specific practical goals such as artists looking for inspiration seeking a show of their own work once they become lucid or computer programmers looking for a screen with their desired code.
***** Upgrading to full version *****
25 more hypnotic patterns are included. You can choose your favorite hypnotic pattern and then use it for relaxation, meditation or lucid dream training. You can also create your own patterns by adjusting the frequency shift. You can choose the speed, the colors and much more. The full version contains battery saving functionality and it has no commercials.



Version: 1.43

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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