I Believe in Visions by Kenneth E Hagin

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I Believe in Visions: The Fascinating Personal Story of a Man Whose Life and Ministry Have Been Dramatically Influenced by Visions of Jesus (Faith Library Publications)
Kenneth E Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe i Visions. These visions have dramtically influenced Rev. Hagin's half century of ministry.
When Kenneth Hagin experienced a supernatural vision with Jesus appearing to him, he still refused to believe what was said in the vision unless Jesus could show him at least three Scriptures to back it up. That's what I appreciated most about this book. No matter what you hear in a vision—it has to be Scripturally sound or its not Jesus!
This book was such a blessing to read. You can feel God's heart towards His people, always wanting the best for them and grieving when sin gets in the way. Kenneth Hagin shares so many fascinating experiences and the Scriptures that back it up. That kind of balance is very refreshing. Also, we appreciated how honest he was with his own mistakes. He describes his regrets in ministry and how the Lord helped him get through those mistakes.
One of the most touching parts is when his wife is ill and is afraid of undergoing the surgery necessary to save her life. He pleads with the Lord to heal her through the surgery because he can't imagine life without her. In the vision, Jesus tells him that she will survive the surgery and fully recover. "I did this just because you asked Me to. You don't know how I long to do for my children if they would only ask Me and believe Me."
Another time he disobeys God and experiences an accident resulting in a broken arm. While in the hospital, Jesus visits him and says "Instead of being angry with Me for not preventing it, you should be glad I allowed it to arrest your attention because if I hadn't, you would not have lived past the age of 55 because you would have continued in my permissive will instead of my perfect will. This is the third time I've had to speak to you about this. For this reason I'm going to let you wear your arm in a cast and then in a sling for a while. I will speed up the healing process so you don't be disabled as long as the doctor said."
That's just one of many fascinating parts of this book. If you're looking for something really encouraging to read—this is it!



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