I Can Write ABC kids alphabets

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A fun way of teaching your child the Alphabet and Number set.quot;I Can Writequot; is what your kids will sayquot;I Can Writequot; is a fun way of teaching your child the Alphabet and Number set. This educational game comes with colorful eye catching graphics which teaches not only the correct way of writing AZ but also recognize letters and numbers.Each Alphabet has a clear pronunciation in a cartoon voice with a small funny jingle to add more excitement. The audio teaches correct phonetic sound of each Alphabet. Covers also the quot;Aabaakadaquot; style of phonetics.The whole app is designed to be a virtual play garden of Bees who collect flowers on an Alphabet board. Child needs to trace the entire letter in a predefined correct path from one tiny flower to another. Its an intuitive way of traditional quot;jointhedotsquot; book to write the entire Alphabet. The honey bee doesn39;t move if the child draws an incorrect path and shows a correct flag if the child is successful in tracing the entire alphabet.Features: Choose from AZ in upper case and lowercase. Choose from 09 number set. Clear Audio of the Alphabet with Phonic Sound. Example: quot;A as quot;aaquot;The sound for 39;aa39; for Alex or Applequot;paint Palette to choose the marker color Animated Garden theme which has animated butterfly, rabbit, bird 4 different styles of honeybee to choose from. Excellent Colors and illustrations.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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