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Born in Jesus Christ as Church. So we are a Christian community. In the Christian Church XVI century it reached its highest degree of disobedience to the Word of God.
Thus enlightened by the Holy Spirit of God, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others, began advocating the need for a return of the Church to the Scriptures. This prophetic preaching of the Word of God's faithfulness clashed with the church government at the time causing an inevitable theological and doctrinal break, which was renumbered in history as the Protestant Reformation.
then spread throughout Europe, the Reformation came to Scotland finding in John Knox a forceful advocate. Knox founded, then the Reformed Church of Scotland, which became known as the Presbyterian Church.
The August 12, 1859 arrived in Brazil the American missionary Ashbel Green Simonton bringing genuinely Biblical Faith to reform also the Brazilian Christian church. This Reformed Church in Brazil was named the Presbyterian Church of Brazil.
Not all living beings have uninterrupted continuity. Spring is the proper occasion for extraordinary resurgence, among plants and flowers, and even animals, especially those who have long hibernation. Humanity itself had a new beginning after the Flood.
There are institutions that also die, or seem to die, and suddenly reemerge vigorous.
The Presbyterian Church of Campinas is in these cases a new beginning. The first period of its existence is officially recognized the July 1870 to July 1903. The second period is the one covering the new beginning in August 9, 1903, has to date, and with the blessing of God, proceeds to the Church of the Lord's return to glorious deployment of new heavens and new earth.



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