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Sharing daily Sadhana with your Guide/Friend got easier now...
How this App helps in your sadhana sharing/reporting:
1. Automatic sharing of Sadhana to app with your Guide and one devotee friend. No more sending of mails and paper sheets.
2. Full historical view with colors(Red/yellow/Green) for bird-eye-view.
3. No need to send separate sadhana report mails or paper sheets to Guide/friend.
4. Ease to see all connected devotees' sadhana at one place with one flip on screen.
5. Instant chat/comments to your juniors/friends in App.
6. Set own Sadhana standards. Marks and colors for each devotee for their standards.
7. Saves sadhana details on server. Retrieve sadhana history from server when change your phone.
8. Vaishanava Calendar for upcoming major events.
9. Inspiring quotes.
Upcoming features:
1. Manually Backup your sadhana in your app.
2. Remove devotees/friends from reporting.
3. Auto update of vaishanava calander.
4. Auto update of Inspiring Quotes.
This Application is not affiliated with ISKCON. It is just to help practice sadhana as in ISKCON.
Need of Sharing Sadhana:
For every devotee who is trying to follow the teachings of Srila Prabhupada under ISKCON, it is quite helpful to be in touch with other devotees. It helps to continue doing Sadhana with punctuality and quality. Accountability saves us from going away from our Spiritual commitments. Accountability to our spiritual Guide or our devotee close friend or devotee spouse, will help in regulation.
Problems faced in reporting sadhana:
1. Delayed Reporting: Reporting daily Sadhana to Spiritual Guide becomes more difficult and slow process if no regular meetings.
2. Lot of mails to track: For a counselor, whom many devotees are reporting, it would be difficult to manage so many reporting mails coming.
3. No historical view: Even with so many mail or on-paper shadhana sheets, it is difficult to get a historical view of devotee's sadhana.
Database Privacy:
Your sadhana data is privately and safely maintained in our database. There is no manual reading of the database. Your privacy is fully maintained.
Data Backup:
We would regularly(may be monthly) sending back to your sadhana backups. Soon App will also feature manually backup sadhana in your phone.
Humble Request:
This app is a small effort in direction to make sharing of Daily Sadhana sharing easier. App is in very Initial Phase so please forgive any issues faced and report to
. I will promptly reply. Giving negative comments on Play store will only stop this service to go to other devotees.
Credits and Thanks To:
App Features reference: Devotees from ISKCON Pune and Vrindavan
Login page Image: Mrs. Nisha Piyush Dwivedi.
Family Support: My wife Bhakti Lata Devi.
About Developer:
I am Ashu Pathak. I have been doing devotional service since last 11 years under guidance of devotees in ISKCON Pune and then ISKCON Vrindavan.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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