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The synthesis of photo app.
Please enjoy to synthesize a variety of photos and other images.
The spread of uses to infinity in your imagination.
For example, You may want to collage images of horror in this app in your hand! Will also enjoy making interesting photo as psychic thing impossible to synthesize location impossible.
For example, You may want to collage to the sexy image of hand with this app for you! You may want to use the images, etc. Mufufu moe swimsuit girl swimsuit idol image, two-dimensional.
(1). Please decide the photo you want to synthetic and then touch the [Load button] Introduction.
(2). You can determine the photo you want to synthesized [Load Front Photo(Convert)]. Please save in the [Save button] when to fill the part you want to be transparent by touching the screen. Line thickness and color can be changed. Also, enclosed in the circle with pinch-pinch out the screen is possible. You can clear, save, undo, rotation, change photo.
(3). You can determine the background in the photo you want to [Load Background Photo]. You can store and share photos, rotation background photo.
(4). The pinch-pinch scaling out the screen, please move, rotation, and then touch and drag.
[Recent Changes]
Ver.1.0.2 Bug fixes drag processing
Ver.1.0.3 screen after Button Add a Photo], was able to fill in the pinch-pinch circled out. Added the ability to paint
Ver.1.1.0 In addition, the holes should now be possible. Change the message description has been corrected.



Version: 1.5.6

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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