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This App teaches students some preliminaries as well as advanced topics in Bharathanatyam. The lessons are divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Video tutorials are provided under each level. The videos are short and crisp and range between 2 to 9 mins. The videos are ably demonstrated by Dr Ranjani and her students.
The beginner level contains videos on Theory, Prayers and Initiation, Warm Up and Introduction.
Intermediate Level contains videos on Tattu Adavu, Naatu Adavu, Pakka and Jaau Adavu.
Tattu Adavu is further sub divided into 3 parts where each video describes First, Second , Third so on until Eight Tattu Adavu in three different speeds. First , Second, Third and Fourth denote the number of feet taps per beat.
Part 4,5 6 of the Intermediate Level videos show Nattu Adavu in Eight different counts and in three different beats. Part 7 and 8 demonstrates the Pakka Adavu.
Part 8 and 9 demonstrate the Jaaru Adavu.
As the video plays the user can also see the relevant Sollukattu or Bol printed as help text below. The help text is also shown below the video when the video plays. The Hasta is also discussed in the videos and is shown as a help text when the video plays.
Part 1 of the Advanced Level Videos show Kathi , Karthari and Tattu Mettu Adavu.
Part2 of the Advanced Level videos show Chillu Adavu and Veeshal Adavu.
Part3 of the Advanced Level videos demonstrate the Utpalavana and Mandi Adavus.
The vidoes are streamed from a Content Mangement server on the cloud and may take between 30 seconds to 1.5 minute to download.
It is advised to download a maximum of 3 or 4 video tutorials during a learning session.
A video once downloaded can be played instantaneously using the Phones Local memory.
The App is about 5 MB in size when it is installed initially.
During subsequent usage when all the videos are downloaded from the server the size of the App can increase to about 275 MB. It is also advised not to download all the videos at one stretch from the server.
The videos play well with a good 3G connection and on a Smart device which does not have too many apps installed which cause performance degradation.
The app will by default use the space on the SD card. All the videos will be deleted when the App is uninstalled.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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