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In our reference plants are given a list of popular plants that are grown successfully in the home. It is constantly updated. For more information, locate the title you are interested in a room or photo and go to the help section on caring for the selected plants.
Here You can see the major groups of plants formed by certain signs: for example see curly or spectacular blooming plant with large, beautiful and colorful leaves, homemade palm trees and succulents and choose the most suitable one for your interior.
Note: the symbol marked plants florist, which in addition to basic information about the care of a large author's article with explanations and tips on placement, growing conditions, houseplants, propagation, as well as personal experience with this kind of floristry training
All plants and dekorativnolistvennye, and blooming, and the cactus, represented in the encyclopedia of houseplants in alphabetical order.
Flowers directory with the names, photographs, descriptions, care instructions: decorative foliage houseplants, flowering houseplants, potted orchids, potted palm trees, potted cacti and succulents.



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