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Infraktor is an app made to catch and report traffic infraktors. With infraktor you will be able to take pictures of the infraktions you see every day in the road, you can also check and dislike the pictures that other infraktos have reported.
It only takes 3 simple steps:
1. Take the picture of the infraktion and add a brief description of it.
2. Report the infraktion
3. Review other infraktors and vote for them.
*** Remember that we don't reveal the name of the people that report infraktions. The reports are kept anonymously ***
The objective of this app is to gather information about the transit infraktions, showing a reality that we can change and some day have a calm, kind and fun place to drive.
What is Infraktor?
We have always asked our selfs how we can improve the actual transport system, we now have a solution for you, for everyone! Infraktor is the aplication we're going to use to change, educate and avoid the errors we make every day.
¡Publicate, share and qualify the infractions!
What is Infraktors for?
To educate and improve the city mobility.
What is Infraktor looking for?
Improve the city movility by the use of an educative aplication that qualifies infraktions that generate tension points, that we can avoid or improve.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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