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The application aims at connecting people in the region even the immigrants among them. It also enables communication among the Municipality and the citizens and everyone else who wishes to report anything in all fields. It offers many features from which all citizens can benefit and it gives them the opportunity of reporting complaints or submitting requests to the different departments within the Municipality. The application is known as "Your municipality in your hands" since it contains all info the citizens need, just by a click on their mobile phones.
The features that the application offers:
The Homepage: It contains the latest news and reporting, and it is user-friendly.
The Social News page: So far, it works as the informative page as it informs people of social events, especially in cases of death. Later, it will be updated to include the latest news of the parishes and the official public holidays.
The Complaints Submission page: This page enables the citizens to submit any complaint or request through easily completing a form online. In addition, this feature allows uploading photos or videos for more accuracy. By a simple click on the Submit button, the application generates an email with all the info and forwards it to the Municipality's police department where it is classified and transferred to the relevant division.
The Regional Yellow page: It is a very important page because it offers the citizens very important names and phone numbers (official departments, municipal council, mayors, schools, etc.). Moreover, the application team is working towards adding a new section that contains the names and the phone numbers of the companies and institutions working within the municipal range.
The Jobs page: It includes the project that the Municipality launched a few years ago under the name of "Offering jobs with the help of the Municipality".
Through this page, the companies and institutions can announce any job opportunity for free. Then, the Municipality's social media team transfers this opportunity news to the citizens through the Municipality's official website, Facebook page, and Sada TV. The job seeker can easily search for what suits him since the jobs are categorized by fields.
The Free Professions page: It allows any free professional to add his name, phone number and all other info related to him within his field of expertise, which helps the citizens find what they need.
The Municipality Introduction page: It includes a summary with a documentary video about Jdeideh-Bouchrieh-Sedd, along with an introduction about the municipality council and different divisions.
The Municipality Projects page: It is divided into three parts through which the citizens get to know the past, current and future projects of the Municipality.
The Sharing page: The citizen finds here all the instructions and guidelines he needs to complete any transaction within the Municipality. The page also displays the links to all the Municipality's social media sites.
Please note that the Municipality's social media team is always working to develop and add new features to this application. Please download the application wherever you are to have "Your municipality in your hands" at all times.



Version: 4.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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