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Imagine you get a brilliant idea, but you have nowhere to write it down. Or if you write it down, you forget to look at it later and it just gets tossed away with trash.
Your personal butler Jay is here to help you! Jay combines the orderliness of a synchronizable calendar and the functionality of a notepad with a little touch of a personal assistant. You just tell (you don’t even need to type!) your butler to remind you to do things and go on with your day.
One of the key functions of Jay is the Evening Session. That’s the preset time when you go through reminders of the day and decide what to do with them. You can simply mark them as read, edit them, create event and alarms or delete them.
You can synchronize your Google Calendar account with Jay.
How Does Jay Work?
Jay is with you from dawn ‘til dusk. You can use it as an alarm clock, create Quick Notes by speaking or typing and create calendar events. In the Evening Session you can see your schedule and new ideas at a glance.
Speech recognition software is in constant training and development, the technology needs to understand many accents, dialects, speeds, intonations, and vocabulary choices. So if Jay doesn't understand you the first time give him another chance.
You can create a Quick Note by pushing the microphone icon. While talking to Jay, use the command “Remind me to…” to create Quick Notes. Jay uses's Natural Language Processing to analyze your speech and convert it to text. Jay also responds to “Hello” and “Thank you”. At the moment Jay’s natural language processing only works in English.
You can skip the language processing and just push the “Record your thoughts” button. While pressed, the button activates the microphone of your device and records your voice. When the button is released, your recording is added to the Quick Notes where it can be listened to.
You can add Quick Notes also by typing. In text you can use any language you want. By default new Quick Notes are labelled as “Very important”. When using text input or voice recording you can also save your notes in “Things to remember” or “Things to do” section.
The Evening Session is the key function to Jay. It starts at a pre-set time when you can go through all your new Quick Notes. The Evening Session will pop up in your Notification Bar with your standard notification sound or a custom sound. All your new Quick Notes are shown in the Evening Session and you can decide what to do about them. You can mark them as read, edit their content or classification, create events and alarms or delete them. The Evening Session also shows your old Quick Notes and tomorrow’s events. The starting time can be altered in the “Settings” section.
You can create events with Jay in your phone calendar or your Google calendar. You can choose which calendar to use in the Settings section.
Jay utilizes the Natural Language Processing provided by At the moment the service only works in English. You can visit to learn more about their services and practices.
If Jay does not react to your speech or you do not hear Jay’s responses, it might be due to any of the following:
* No internet connection
* The volume settings of your device (“media”, “notifications” or “system”, depending on the model) are on silent
* The surrounding noise is too loud
* The language setting of your device is not English. Always select the English language and the correct regional accent.
* Your device is running an out-dated version of Android
If Jay does not understand you or it reacts very slowly, one of the following might be the reason:
* The language settings of your device do not support your speech pattern/dialect. This may be fixed by selecting a correct English language dialect.
* You need to change the “Speech recognition engine” settings. You can select either or Google.



Version: 1.0.171001

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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