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Every football addict would like to enhance their performance during a match. Joga+ uses the player's smartphone GPS to track their matches and offers statistical and tactical data for free. With these info in hands, the athlete can improve their game and get closer to a pro level everyday. All that you need is to start a match in the app and give your best.
Get in this game and conquer your best performance with the Joga+ app.
- In order to start the data collection, the user must play a football match with the smartphone close to their body. That is possible by using our exclusive Joga+ vest, by using a armband or in a pocket;
- Our app will track, via GPS, all your efforts in the field or indoor. Then you can follow your performance and step up your game;
- Inform your height and weight and discover the calories burned in a match;
- Have access to your heat map and understand the area you covered during the match;
- Know the distance you covered and compare it to the performance of a professional player;
- Understand your best position and your tactical consistency;
- Visualize your resistance index and fatigue;
- Receive a final grade for your football match, according to your physical and tactical performance;
- Use your statistical results, keep up with your evolution, find extra motivation to play and pave new ways in your game;
- See how you compare yourself with the grades of other users in our official Ranking and feel motivated to give your absolute best;
- Show your potential to all your football friends and all the player's network that use Joga+ to improve their games;
For a perfect execution, Joga+ makes a personalized analysis of your GPS signal and evaluates the quality of it before you start your football match. After the game is finished, you'll have in hands, for free, a detailed statistical analysis of your game, similar to what coaches and physical trainers offer to professional players.
With your comfort and safety in our minds, we have developed the exclusive Joga+ Vest, so you can protect your smartphone during the match.
Do you want more? Invite your friends and start a healthy and fun challenge with Joga+.
Use the social networks and share your statistics every time you play football with your friends.
Overcome your limits, conquer your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle practicing the world's most loved sport.
Improve your grades, your statistics and reach a level never imagined before. Use the app Joga+ and live this new experience.
The app Joga+ depends on GPS data to record your performance in each match. The app will evaluate the quality of your signal before each match. In some phones, the GPS will not work properly and Joga+ will not be able to record with efficiency. If your recordings from Joga+ show bad localization estimations, try updating the OS of your phone to the most recent version.



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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