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KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING - the strong trucker community
KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING is a free parking app for truck drivers.
Truckers report free truck parking and rate comfort and safety.
Find your truck parking space under 600.000 parking spaces and book secure parking spaces in advance.
KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING is the app for every driver's mobile phone.
Take advantage of a large community. Benefit from the messages of your trucker colleagues to find a free truck parking lot at any time.
The extensive rating system and the European community show you where to get a truck parking lot according to your desired criteria: Which parking space has a shower or a restaurant? Which truck parking spaces are video-monitored or are they illuminated? Which one should be avoid? The KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING Community will tell you!
Get information on official truck parking lots and off-highway parking, for example in industrial areas or residential areas. Get valuable increase in your driver's cabin: Benefit from a large community, more than 33.000 parking spaces in the database and more than 600.000 parking spaces throughout Europe.
Join a large community and help other truck drivers:
- Inform other truck drivers about free truck parking in real time
- Receive proposals for free truck parking along your route
- Take advantage of the opportunity to reserve truck parking spaces early
- Report the current occupancy of the truck parking spaces and inform other truck drivers about it
- Report new truck parking spaces with the app
- Edit the parking information in the app
- Add or rate gas stations, restaurants, and parking facilities
- Exchange with other truck drivers in the forum
- Rate truck parking
Benefit from a strong community and help your trucker colleagues find a truck parking lot on tour. Take advantage of the strength of the KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING Community and parking search is no longer a problem!
More information about KRAVAG TRUCK PARKING and our services can be found at or contact us by email at



Version: 3.9.2-b3390

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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