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At first Ustadz Felix was born and grew up in a non-Muslim environment. He became interested in Islam since he demanded to know Sciences in a college Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) in 2002 was the third semester.
After 4 years of Islam, Ustadz felix were married in 2006 and until recently he was awarded four children. Ustad Felix active in various symbols of propaganda either through audio, television broadcasts as well as a variety of books which he wrote.
This application meneyediakan dozens of studies chaplain Felix Siauw with various themes and titles. Here are examples of studies that you can enjoy in this application:
Best Blessings For Women
Beyond The Inspiration
Clothing In Islam
Life is Full of Choices
Sharing Inspiration Part 1
Sharing Inspiration Part 2
Sharing Inspiration Part 3
Hidayah Become Easier
State saga Duck
The gift Beautiful For Women
Life Is A Choice
Managing Your Habits
Muhammad Al-Fatih 1453
Perfect Shahada (The True Shahadah)
The Way To Belief
Islam Is Me
Islam Is Me 2
Recitation San Diego
Palestinian Root of the Problem and Solution
gratitude Favors
The story of Muhammad Al-Fatih
Enjoy. Hopefully application of Islamic studies Ustad Siauw Felix can add to our faith.



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