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Anti-Terrorism Act,
Terrorist and disruptive activities, Essential Services Protection Act,
The Industrial Act, 1951, the Companies Act, 1956,
Copyright Act, 1957, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961,
Police Act, 1861, Plantation Labor Act,
Foreign exchange regulation, urban land sealing act,
Indian Forests 1927, Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Marriage Law,
Child marriage law, adoption, maintenance,
Succession law, section 302 (charges of murder),
Section 299 is the definition of human slaughter, domestic violence,
Legal rights of women, divorce petition,
The rights associated with live relationships, check gender of the child,
Section 376 (b) Indian Penal Code, section 376C Indian Penal Code,
Section 376 D Indian Penal Code, Section 377 Indian Penal Code,
Laws related to other sex offenses, laws on kidnapping,
Section -120 A and 120B (Shared Conspiracy),
Section 121 conspiracy to commit offense,
Section 122 (to collect arms),
Section 123 (US nuclear cooperation from India),
Section 124A (spreading hatred of your written words),
Section 125 (when marriage is declared invalid),
Section 126 (to apply the interpreters, etc.),
Section 127 (Payment for nutrition), section 128 (relief from lifelong imprisonment),
Section 130 (assisting in the capture of prisoner),
Section 131 (Distracting from duty), Section 132 (incitement to the Gadar),
Section 133 (incitement to the attack),
Section 135 (incitement to abandonment), Section 147 (riot),
Section 153 A (Shatrutra due to religion or caste),
Section 167 (fake documents), section 169 (unlicensed property purchase),
Section 171F (Hold false name in election),
Section 171G (incorrect statement regarding election),
Sections 171A (mismanagement of election expenses),
Section 201 (to protect the offender)
Section 203 (Give false information related to crime),
Section 204 (destruction of records or records),
Section 207 (false claim on property),
Section 209 (False litigation in the court of dishonesty),
Section 231 (forged coins),
Section 233 (Make a means to make forged coins),
Section 258 (sold forged government seal), Section 265 (fraud in weight),
Section 275 (sold for mixed medicine),
Section 276 (sold separately from the original drug),
Section 277 (contaminate the public reservoir),
Section 286 (Regarding explosive substance),
Section 287 (in relation to the instrument)
Section 298 (Prod to religious sentiment), law on abortion,
Section 366 Indian Penal Code, Unethical Trade,
The Immoral Business Prevention Act, 1956,
Section 366 of Indian Penal Code, section 366 b, Indian Penal Code,
Section 372 Indian Penal Code, Section 373, Indian Penal Code,
Laws on flirting, pornography, gestures or songs,
Law on display of indecent women,
Laws on sexual abuse on the workplace,
Women also have equal rights for men, section 208 (loan)
Section 211 (False of Crime),
Section 212 (Avoiding the legal punishment from the person),
Section 213 (Take gifts to save from punishment),
Section 214 (to save the culprit), Section 216 (no surrender to the culprit),
Section 216A (Asylum for Dacoits),
Section 219 (intentionally contrary to law),
Section 221 (not to be found guilty of delinquent)
Section 227 (Ugli terms of forgiveness),
Section 224 (Conflict of legal arrest),
Section 230 (statement of coins),
Section 235 (intentionally making forged coins),
Section 255 (fake government seal made)
Section 258 (sold forged government seal)
Section 259 (retaining fake seal)
Section 260 (use forged seal), Section 266 (fraud in weight),
Section 268 (sub-section), section 271 (defying the rules of quarantine),
Section 272 (adulteration in food substance),
Section 304 b (death is due to dowry),
Section 304A (Anyone's death from negligence),
Section 305 (incitement to suicide),
Section 307 (attempt to murder), Section 308 (Non-intentional murder),
Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide), section 311 (cheating),
Section 313 (Abortion without consent), Section 319 (General injury),



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